Greg Koberstein

President of Koberstein Holdings, Inc.

Greg joined Koberstein Contracting in 1990 as an Estimator/Project Manager.  He graduated from the University of Evansville with a B.S. in Civil Engineering.   After joining Koberstein, Greg led the formation of Koberstein Rental & Sales in 1996 and became the President of Koberstein Contracting and Koberstein Rental & Sales in 2001.  He planned and implemented ownership transition to an ESOP in 2014 and presently acts as ESOP Trustee.  

Greg started real estate investments to provide passive income and diversify revenue generation in 2017 and also planned and managed the opening of Koberstein’s new office/maintenance facility and second rental store in Evansville during 2019.  In his spare time, Greg enjoys traveling and camping with his wife Jennifer, spending quality time with his grandson, and cooking on the grill.