Henderson-Jefferson Elementary School


The purpose of this project was to install storm sewers, roads and building pads to build a new elementary school on an undeveloped 12-acre site.


One of the most challenging aspects of this project was the very poor soil conditions – the high silt and moisture content made it very difficult to get good compaction needed for the integrity of the roads and building pad.


Koberstein Contracting worked on approximately 35,000 CY of earthwork for this project. The site was approximately 12-acres. Our team installed about 4,000 LF of storm sewer piping ranging form 6" up to 36" in diameter. This project also included approximately 3.5 acres of roads and parking lots and nearly 40,000 sq. ft. of building pad.

Communication was key on this project due to the poor soil conditions. Our Project Manager, Matt Blythe, had to have consistent and timely conversations with the Construction Manager to ensure they were aware of the changing conditions and schedule impacts on the subcontractors working on the project after KCI.


Henderson County Board of Education


Caje Bagwell